About EHA

European Holidays Away (EHA) is a registered web agency dedicated to enhancing and simplifying your holiday experiences. Founded from a deep-seated passion and years of travel, EHA collaborates with national and international partners to help travelers make their holidays easier and more memorable.

In today’s technologically advanced world, travel has become faster and more accessible. Travelers often ponder questions like where to go, how to find safe and enjoyable destinations, and what the costs will be. With EHA, your connection to these answers is stronger than ever. Holidays are at the heart of what EHA and its partners are all about. EHA collaborates with globally recognized booking companies to ensure you’re directed to the best destinations at the best prices. Let EHA be your travel companion, making your holiday dreams come true.

Meet Peter Okonye, the passionate founder and manager behind European Holidays Away (EHA). His journey into establishing EHA was inspired by years of globetrotting, and exploring European countries and beyond. Peter’s experience extends to his current role onboard the NightJet for Newrest-Wagonslit and ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen), where he has spent over eight years visiting major European cities.

Peter’s personal travels with his family have taken him from remote farms to pristine blue seas and luxurious destinations. He’s had firsthand encounters with nature’s wonders, including waterfalls, lakes, mountains, skiing adventures, countryside escapes, wild parks, and more. He believes in the endless beauty of our world and has joined fellow travelers and holiday enthusiasts worldwide to help those who wish to explore but may be uncertain about where to start.

Peter collaborates with both national and internationally recognized companies, ensuring that EHA’s products cater to the ever-evolving needs of travelers. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, Peter and EHA are here to make your travel dreams a reality. Thank you for choosing EHA as your platform for hassle-free holiday bookings!

EHA Mission


“Is to make holidays easier and to help people travel and feel the beauty of their world by directing its visitors to the right places for their holiday adventures.”


“To be recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable online platforms by providing its visitors the best services.”


“EHA motivates and guides its visitors by providing holiday ideas and the right places for their holiday needs.”

Rules and regulations

Privacy Policy

Data protection policy is one of the most important issues of the online marketing and so, EHA takes it very seriously! To read more, please click “learn more!”


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Affiliate Disclosure

For the sake of clarity, EHA wishes to declare that it may receive commission as a result of actions taken on this platform by its visitors. Kindly click below for more.


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In order to ensure the legality of its business or online activities, European Holidays Away has included below, the detail of its registration. Should EHA unable to resolve any disagreement with its client, they are free to reach out to the authority below.

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